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Dagda is the Celtic god of the earth and treaties, ruler over life and death. Dagda is at the forefront of Celtic gods. He was the leader of the Tuatha De Danann. Dagda is a master of magic, a fearsome warrior and a skilled craftsman. Dagda is the son of the goddess Danu. Dagda's wife Morrigan to which she is the mother of Brigid and Aengus Mac Oc with Dagda. Dagda possessed super human powers of strength and had a huge appetite. His attributes are a cauldron with an inexhaustible supply of food in. A harp that was magical that Dagda could summon the seasons. Dagda was armed an enormous club, which with one end he could kill nine men and the other he could restore them to life. Dagda had two swine, one that was always roasting the other always growing.