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Belial is a very high and distinguished prince of darkness. Belial is a Hebrew word that means the worthless or lawless one. He is the demon lord of lies, master of deceit and god of malice. The story of Belial is that he found himself in the demon realm where he made a family of the demons that resided there. Belial went travelling beyond his realm and when he returned he found his family gone and replaced by humans. Belial studied the humans that now dominated his realm. Belial looked for weaknesses in the humans. Belial seduced 50 men and women and their souls into his service. After a ritual known as the Night of Blood demons claimed these peoples bodies. Belial planned to start a war using his newly created demons to recruit new demons. Belial's plan failed after many of these demons failed to recruit. Belial then went travelling the realms again, bidding his time to return. Currently I cannot find a description of the Prince of Darkness Belial.