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Perseus was the son of Zeus and Danae the daughter of Acrisus the king of Argos. Danae had been locked in a bronze tower as a prophecy had said that if she had a son he would kill Acrisus. Zeus visited her as a golden shower in the tower and Perseus was born. Acrisus then terrified by this event placed Danae and the child in a wooden chest and cast it into the sea. Zeus ensured that the chest was protected and it drifted to the shores of Seriphos where Perseus grew up among the fishermen there. Perseus was given the task by the local ruler Polydectes to fetch the head of the gorgon medusa an extremely dangerous task. Perseus was aided on his task by the goddess Athena.

First Perseus visited the three old hags who shared a single eye. Perseus grabbed the single eye and forced them to tell him about the gorgons. Most importantly they told him how to direct the glance from medusa's eyes. Perseus also received some gifted from some nymphs, a cap of invisibility, some winged shoes and a bag for medusa's head. Perseus slew medusa and stowed her head in the bag. On his way home he used the head to good use saving the maiden Andromeda from a sea monster, Perseus married her. Perseus returned his magical equipment to Hermes the messenger god. Arcrisus had fled to Larissa upon his return to Argos. The prophecy was for filled when Perseus was asked to compete in the games at Larissa and his discus accidentally hit an old man in the crowd whom was Arcrisus and killed him.