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Dwarves are a short, Muscular race, that the males and females look alike as both have beards, and in dwarfs beards mean a lot. Dwarves live deep beneath the mountains and have mined themselves vast strongholds beneath theses mountain peaks. Dwarves are immensely strong and resilient they have broad hands and feet. Dwarves are known to be stubborn and un-forgetting. Dwarves respect the following things; Age, Wealth and skill.

Dwarves favour axes as a weapon but compared with other races dwarfs have embraced technology and use a variety of weapons that are more advanced than others of the ancient races. Dwarves will use pistols, cannons, flame cannons. Dwarfs like the Elves take pride in their work and their axes show immense craftsmanship. Dwarves have a hate of Goblins & Orcs who have raided there strong holds many a time and took away their wealth. Dwarves also distrust Elves due to an ancient war that was fought between them.