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Orc's are green skinned creatures with large sharp K9 teeth and pointy ears. They are taller than humans are but Orc's are broader and more muscular. Orc's have larger heads than humans but have thicker skulls and they have smaller brains. Another biological feature of Orc's is their ability to suffer large wounds that wound almost certainly kill humans or other races. They seem to possess a remarkable regenerative & immune system. Orc's are an aggressive race that forms tribes or war bands. Sometimes these war bands rally together to form mighty armies. Orc's are savage fighters and preferred tactics are to attack in large hordes. Orc's use varying weapons to fight with depending on the intelligence within a particular tribe.

Savage Orc's which is a tribe that inhabit forests are poorer developed and tend to use clubs and simple weapons to attack with and do not use armour. A more advanced tribe would be equipped forged weapons and armour. Orc's use an unusual mount to get them around quickly they use giant ferocious Boars. These make good attacking cavalry.