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The Haunt are dog like creatures, they are usually black. Males have two deep set red eyes and female's two dark blue eyes. They live in caves deep in mountains and can live with little food and water. Every full moon the males come down into nearby cities and towns to hunt. They have Poisonous saliva and claws that can drip with poison.

The Haunt
These creatures of the darkness come down from the mountain,
Hunting for prey,
For they need to feed I hear them growling,
Scratching at the door,
With their powerful legs they chase you till death,
And a powerful jaw crushes your bones,
Fangs and claws drip with a poison touch,
They hide in the darkness,
Ebony fur As black as night,
Eyes as Red as fire,
They lurk the streets,
And stalk the lost But then dawn breaks and the sun rises,
They bound to the distance, back to the caves.

Poem by Ben