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Osiris was the Egyptian god of the Underworld, he was worshiped as a resurrection, fertility and god of vegetation. He was married to Isis the sky goddess. He was the father to Horus. His brother Seth who imprisoned him in a chest and cast it into the river Nile murdered Osiris. This chest was eventually washed ashore and a tree grew up around the chest. The tree was later uncorporated into a pillar in a palace. Isis who had been searching for Osiris found this chest in the pillar with Osiris body in it, Seth came and chopped the body into bits and scattered it across Egypt. Isis aided by her Sister Nephthys gathered up the pieces of Osiris, once they had done this they were so overcome by grief they spent time crying in sorrow. Re heard there crying and took pity on them, he sent Anubis and Thoth to help, they mummified Osiris and but his body in a sarcophagus, that had a lion's head on. Isis changed into the form of a kite and fanned breath back into Osiris. Osiris was not allowed to spend time in the world of the living anymore so was sent to the underworld to judge the souls of the dead.