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Seth is the Egyptian god of Chaos. He was also the god of War, Deserts, storms and foreign countries. Seth was also known as Set, Setekh, Setesh, Sutekh, and Seti. As the god of storms he controlled sandstorms, but as the god of dessert he was meant to protect the caravans that travelled from city to city. Seth was on conflict with his brother Osiris, Seth killed his brother and scattered his remains across Egypt. Seth is a part of the Ennead of Heliopolis, he is the son of Seb & Nut. His consort was a Semitic goddess Astarte. Seth replaced Horus as the tutelary deity of the pharaohs, when they found out that Seth had murdered Osiris, Horus was restored to power. A war followed between Horus & Seth, during this time Seth tore out Horus' left eye, Seth sustained injuries by Horus and lost his foreleg and testicles. Horus emerged victorious from the war and became the rightful ruler of the Kingdom's of Upper and Lower Egypt. Seth was forced to return Horus' eye. Seth was then killed by Horus (though not in all accounts). In one of the other accounts Seth was sent to live with the Sun God Re, where he became responsible for storms and cloudy weather. Seth is connected with the following sacred animals, Jackal, Gazelle, Donkey crocodile and hippopotamus and the pig.