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The Bogeymen are malevolent ethereal creatures from children's folklore. Bogeymen can be either really evil or trouble makers that in truth are harmless. Bogeymen are a type of shape changer, they can move objects and cause disruptions. Bogeymen tend to haunt a family much like a ghost, in some cases they become friends with the family and play with the children. The Bogeymen tend to harm those that are liars or someone that commits evil acts.

The Bogeymen are vague in appearance this is due to their ethereal state and that they are shape changers, in a general appearance they resemble a puff off dust. It is thought that the story of the bogeymen comes from Indonesia where "bugis" which were pirates in these parts. Sailors from England and France brought stories back anglicising them telling their children "If you're bad, the bugisman will come and get you!" and over time the word was changed to Bogey.