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Jack O'Lantern

Jack was a farmer who was lazy but also quick-witted. One day while Jack was sitting under a tree in at the side of a field the Devil came to Jack to tempt him, but Jack tricked the Devil into climbing the tree. The Devil soon realised he was stuck up the tree, the Devil had to ask Jack for help. Jack agreed to help the devil on one condition that Jack would not be allowed into Hell. The Devil could not refuse as he was stuck, he agreed reluctantly. Jack helped the Devil down.

Eventually Jack died, and went straight to hell, but the Devil kept his word and would not let him in. So Jack travelled to Heaven, Jack had not been a good man during his life and they would not let him into Heaven either. Jack was sent back to earth where Jack hollowed out one of his gourds and made a lantern out of it. Jack was forced to wander the world trying to find somewhere he can stay. This is why the pumpkins carved into faces come from for Halloween, as they are supposed to hold souls of those that can't enter Hell or Heaven. Though many people think they are there to ward off evil spirits.