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Chinese Dragons

The Chinese Dragons are different from those that originate in western culture. The dragon in china is powerful but benevolent ruler of the earth, sky and sea. It is one of the four spiritual animals and Chinese dragons are said to bring good fortune.

Chinese dragons are different in description in classic western dragons they have a horse like head with two horns from behind their ears. They have long whiskers that come away from its muzzle. They have thick scaly hides like that of western dragons. They have four taloned legs but Chinese dragons don't have wings though they are still able to fly. Their bodies are long and snake like.

Chinese dragons play with a ball of light known as the sacred pearl; this is thought to be the source of the dragon's power. There is a place in the sky called the jade tablet; this contains the number of the dragons. Chinese dragons develop over a number of years they begin as small water snakes, and grow through their lives. Chinese dragons have the power to polymorph (change their shape).

Lung is a named Chinese dragon and he is the ruler of the sky. It is said that Lung has the head of a camel, horns of a deer and the ears of an ox, the eyes of a devil, the neck of a snake, the belly of a clam, fish scales and eagle's talons and paws of a tiger. Lungs breath is said to form the clouds.

There are other Chinese dragons that rule the weather, rain, thunder, lightning and the wind. Other Chinese dragons rule the oceans and the earth. A dragon named Chiao is the supreme Dragon of the earth.