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Western Dragon

In the west the dragon or known otherwise as the Drakon in Greek and Draco in roman the British refer to it as the Drake. Western dragons have the characteristics that many of the typical fantasy dragons do. They have four taloned feet, a pair of wings that are like that of a bat. Their heads have a crest and a beard underneath their chin. Some have horns or antlers. They have tough scales; their stomachs are like that of crocodiles. Western dragons come in varying sizes from small fox size to huge many times bigger than elephants. They come in a variety of colours and have some kind of breath attack most usually fire. Western dragons have barbed tongues.

It is said that the blood of these western dragons have powerful healing properties and the blood also allows the understanding of other languages. Western dragons have s gem in there head known as the Draconce or Dragon-stone it is a brilliant red it is said to have curative powers.