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Dragons of Joppa

The dragons of Joppa are from around the southern and eastern Mediterranean. Two of these dragons are known as the most famous monsters of legend.

The first of these beasts was of the sea the second a creature of foul disease ridden swamps. The first called Cetus was a dragon that the Greek god Poseidon called from the sea to ravage the country of King Cepheus. Waters flooded his lands and Cetus ate his people. King Cepheus consulted the great Oracle and was told the only way to stop the dragon was to sacrifice his daughter Andromeda, to Cetus. As the legend goes the hero Perseus was returning home after slaying the Gorgon Medusa when he saw from afar Andromeda bound to a rock. As the dragon Cetus approached Andromeda, Perseus landed on the dragons back and drove his sword repeatedly into Cetus and slew the dragon, freeing the kingdom and winning himself a wife.

The second dragon at Joppa is from the accounts of English knights on the crusades they told of St George's battle with a dragon. St George was returning home when he came across a maiden in distress. She was the Princess of the kingdom chained to a post in the marshes. When the dragon emerged from the swamp to eat the princess George attacked driving his lance through the dragons opened jaws. Through this act George converted the local villages to Christianity. George became the patron saint of England.