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Black Dragons

Black dragons can be found in marshes and underground cave networks. Black dragons are cunning and evil tempered. They usually side with evil. Black dragons are sometimes known as skull dragons due to their deeply set eye sockets. The dragons have black or very dark grey scales that are glossy when young and with age become duller. Black dragon's smell of rotting vegetation and stagnant water.

Black dragons preferred diet is fish and shellfish they do eat other animals but they like to let these animals once killing rest in stagnant ponds first before eating some days later. Black dragons like to collect coins as there treasure. Black dragons preferred attack method is to ambush their target by making use of their surroundings and vegetation as cover. Black dragons have two different breath attacks. The first is an acid breath attack, which is used to dissolve and blind its attacker/prey. The second breath attack is an oily black smoke attack which can be used to choke its attacker/prey.

Dragons are magical creatures and have the ability to cast spells black dragons are able to perform the following spells.

  • Darkness - this causes the local area to become dark.
  • Insect Plague - causes a plague of insects to attack an area.
  • Corrupt water - this spell can stagnate water.
  • Charm reptiles - This allows the black dragon to control weaker reptiles to do its bidding.