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Blue Dragons

Blue dragons live in temperate and warm desert environments also they can be found underground. Blue dragons are very territorial. They are well adapted for digging into sand and soft soils. Blue dragons have frilled ears and a large single horn on their snout.

Blue dragons vary in colour from dark blue to light blues; their scales are polished. Blue dragon's scales crackle as they built up static energy. Blue dragons like to soar high above the deserts; Blue dragons like to collect gems as treasure they are particularly attracted by sapphires.

They eat red meat, which they usually cook first before eating. Their attack methods involve attacking from the sky and diving on their target or burrowing into the sand and wait for the prey to come to them and attack quickly catching there target unawares. Blue dragon's breath attack has a lightening breath attack.

As dragons are magical creatures the blue dragon is able to cast the following spells.

  • Create/destroy water
  • Sound imitation. Blue dragons are able to cast this to allow them to imitate other creature's sounds or speech.
  • Illusionary terrain the dragon is able to create images of terrain that appears to be there but is not.