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Red Dragons

Red dragons or fire dragons as they are also known are greedy beasts they are after treasure to increase their hoards. They are red in colour, though their wings tend to be grey in colour. Red dragons live in the mountains, in large cave networks deep under the surface. They have a Smokey odour about them; Red dragons like to perch on mountains to view their territory.

Red dragons are meat eaters and their preferred prey is humans or young elves. Red dragons often persuade village elders into regular sacrifices of young virgin maidens to them. Red dragons are confident creatures they tend to dive into their attacks without thinking, though they will normally only attack creatures weaker than themselves. Red dragons prefer to attack with their claws rather than use their breath weapon so not to damage any treasure that their prey might be carrying. Red dragons have a fire breath attack, and dragons are immune to fire.

Red dragons are magical creatures and have the following magical abilities

  • Locate object - the dragon has the ability to locate treasure using its magical abilities
  • Suggestion - the dragon is able to assert some control of another creature by using powers of suggestion.

A well-known red dragon is Dewi (which is the name of the Dragon on the welsh flag).