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Brass Dragons

Brass dragons live in deserts, plains and in temperate regions. Brass dragons are talkative beasts, they like to gather information. The scales of brass dragons are brown when young as the dragon matures the scales become brassy. Brass dragons exhibit large head plates, which extend to protect their back of the head and upper neck. Brass dragon's eyes resemble that of molten metal.

Brass dragons like to bask in the strong warm sun of the desert. Brass dragons will consume almost anything. Brass dragons have dextrous tongues, this is what allows them to talk a lot and to be able to speak many languages, and they also use their tongue to collect dew. Brass dragons fight with Blue dragons over territory as they share the same environments. Brass dragons would rather talk than fight, if lesser creatures won't talk to them, the brass dragon uses it breathe attack with is a sleeping gas, to put the creature to sleep. Then burying it up to its head in the ground so it has no other option than to talk to the dragon.

Brass dragons are magical creatures and have the following magical abilities;

  • Suggestion - the dragon is able to assert some control of another creature by using powers of suggestion.
  • Control wind - The brass dragon is able to control the window to a greater or lesser extent, the skill improves with age.
  • Control weather - Brass dragons have some power to control the local weather, the area is relative small in which they can do this over and the effectiveness increases with age.