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Bronze Dragons

Bronze dragons live in temperate and warm aquatic climates as well as underground. Bronze dragons are inquisitive creatures they like to observe other creatures acting about their daily routines and business. Bronze dragons do this by using a skill called polymorphying, which allows them to assume the appearance of other living creatures.

Young bronze dragons scales and skin tones are yellow tinged with green, as the dragon grows older its colours deepen and develops into a bronze tone. Bronze dragons are well adapted to swimming and can breathe underwater unhindered. This swimming adaptation is due to their diets as bronze dragons mainly eat marine or freshwater creatures and aquatic plants.

Bronze dragons dislike killing attackers and would rather bribe or force them away magically. Bronze dragons are armed with two types of breath attack, the first been a lightening breath attack which they can electrocute there attacker the second is a gas breath that repulses the attacker away. Bronze dragons are magical creatures and are able to cast the following spells.

  • Fog cloud - dragon is able to bring down a cloud of fog to confuse and disorientate its attackers.
  • Control weather - The dragon is able to control the weather in the local area.