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White Dragons

White dragons are the least intelligent of the dragons they are simple predators, they lack the intelligence of other dragon species. White dragons are often smaller than the other dragon types. White dragons have white scales, they have a crest on their head. White dragons live in cold climates, where there is permanent snow. They live underground in icy caves. White dragons like to collect gemstones and are particularly fond of diamonds.

White dragons will eat anything that comes along, it uses its breath attack, which is a blast of cold, which freezes its target, and the dragon often eats its prey frozen. White dragons have natural enemies in their environment, which are frost giants who hunt white dragons for food and armour. White dragons prefer swift assault on their prey either by swooping down on their prey or by bursting up from below. White dragons have the ability to walk on ice without and the difficulties that a lot of creatures do.

White dragons are magical creatures and have the following magical abilities

  • Freezing fog - the white dragon can call on a cloud of freezing fog
  • Icy Wind - the dragon can cause gusts of icy winds
  • Wall of ice - The dragon can creature a wall of ice