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Green Dragons

Green dragons are aggressive in nature and will attack without provocation. They have spiky crest that run down their spine. As Green dragons get older there green colour lightens. Green dragons live in forests and are sometimes known as forest dragons. Green dragons have a distinct smell of chlorine about them. Green dragons will eat near enough anything, but there particular favourite are Elves with Sprites a close second.

As said before green dragons will attack with little or no provocation. It does not matter on the size or the ability of the creature. Green dragons enjoy terrorising their prey. Green dragons breath attack is a corrosive acid breath. This dissolves and blinds their attacker/prey. Green dragons also have the ability to breathe underwater.

Green dragons are magical creatures and have the following magical abilities

  • Planet growth - green dragons are able to cause plants to grow much quicker.
  • Command plants - the green dragon are able to control plants.
  • Suggestion - Green dragons are able to use suggestion to control other lesser creatures.